Your client is a 65-year-old widower whose wife passed away twelve months ago. Barry has been living with his dog, Rusty at home. Barry has a small circle of friends and regularly attends the local club on Friday nights for the raffles and a few beers. Since his wife’s passing Barry has had home care and meals on wheels to support him. Barry is currently a patient in the local hospital due to a recent stroke, the doctors have said that Barry is now unable to care for himself and will need to go into a aged care facility. Barry’s states his only living daughter is a senior executive in a major metropolitan city and that she will be unable to care for him. You have been called in to talk to Barry on your first day back at work after travelling interstate to visit your father in hospital after he fractured his hip. Write an essay that explores; What grief and loss issues Barry might be experiencing and how you will address these? Explain what theories of loss and grief will inform your practice while you are working with Barry? Identify what obstacles you might experience while working with this client including the impact of your current personal situation View Less >>
Introduction The essay discusses about Barry, a 65 year old widower whose wife passed away 12 months age. He lives with his dog at home and has a small group of friends. He goes to a local club on Friday nights for few beers. After Barry’s wife passed away, he has been on support from home care. Furthermore, he is a patient in a local patient on account of a stroke. Thus, he cannot take care of himself and would need to move to an old care facility. Barry’s daughter is a senior executive and Get solution

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