Your assignment is to write a paper of 650-750 words, well-focused on a theme or topic from our schedule of readings. I need to OK your topics, and I’ll be happy to help you narrow them once you have a good idea of what you plan to write on. Start by taking notes, grouping related ideas together, outlining, and planning. Then write a first draft to collect your ideas. If you are writing a character analysis (or comparing characters or even looking at a specific characteristic or motive of a character, you will probably find the following documents helpful: “Guidelines for Character Analysis” and “Drafting and Writing Your Character Analysis.” Then you’ll need to formulate a thesis. If you are writing a thematic analysis, you’ll first need to come up with an appropriate statement of theme, from which you’ll then formulate a thesis. Please read carefully the chapters in this book, which are designed to help you write the paper. Read the sample character and thematic analyses ( for examples of successful papers) as well as NSU expectations regarding writing (in the “Start Here” book). We will adhere to MLA guidelines for format and bibliographical citation. If you don’t know it already, expect to quickly learn MLA format. If you ignore MLA guidelines, as some students inevitably do, you will lose significant points. Don’t make that mistake when all you have to do is follow a template! You must submit your essay using TurnItIn. I will open the icon by April 28 in case you want to submit your essay early: TurnItIn will alert you if you have plagiarized inadvertently by relying too heavily on quoted sources or others’ work, and give you an opportunity to re-submit. Your work should be typed and double-spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. View Less >>
Humanity Vs. Social Discrimination The author Du Bosis discusses about a question on feelings of being a cause of a problem. He states that majority of the white people would like to ask this question to black men. However, no white person enquires directly about the same, they often scout around and convey that they would Get solution

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