Your analysis of the integration of Communication Framework Planning Was the nurse counselor planned and organized for session? Did he/she understood the goals and objectives for session? Briefly discuss/explain the above – if you answer yes then explain how. Content The nurse counselor: -Followed guidelines for Eclectic approach -Welcomed client and established trust -Explored a clear definition of the problem from the client’s perspective -Actively listened to client’s story -Built on client’s strengths and prior coping -Assisted client to develop a reasonable plan -Provided closure for the session and planned follow-up Discuss/Explain the above – if you answer yes then explain how. Your analysis of the Integration of Communication/Counseling Skills and Theory Process -The nurse counselor: -Utilized counseling skills throughout session -Integrated counseling theory -Was attune to reactions and responses of client Discuss/Explain the above -if you answer yes then explain how. Conclusion In general -Identified positive behaviors of counselor -Identified challenges encountered by counselor -Identified suggestions for improvement for counselor ** Evidence of Critical Analysis in the paper. View Less >>
The interview has been conducted by the nurse counsellor for a client undergoing stress. The idea is to find out the reason behind stress so as to provide the best counselling to the stressed client. The client is stressed out because of work and taking 5 classes at the university. She doesn’t want to drop some classes and not ready to quit her job because she likes it. Get solution

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