You are required to answer any four (4) of the questions below in relation to the Family Business Australia research report -file name Family Business Survey 2015.pdf. (posted in the Assessment Task 3 folder, and shown as an announcement) The expectation is that you should be able to complete this exam in 2 hours, and this is the amount of work expected (however as this is not a timed exam so you can take longer if necessary). You are required to submit your answers by 5pm on Monday 31rst of October 2016. Examination format answers are required ie NOT a report – simply answer any four of the questions below (about 250 to 300 words per answer). Remember you are critiquing the methods used in the report. 1.Critique the problem definition and research problem this research report addressed. 2.Evaluate the secondary data provided in the report. 3.What research design (exploratory, descriptive, causal, or some combination) was used and was this appropriate? Is this sufficient to address the research objectives, or would you suggest another design? 4.Are the methods used to collect data (eg focus groups, questionnaires) sufficiently justified and described? What further information (if any) do you require? 5.Critique the sampling strategy (or respondent selection) used in this study. 6.Appraise the data analysis strategy used in the research. 7.Evaluate the report in terms of its presentation and communication. 8.Assess the research ethics in this research project, in relation to the respondents. View Less >>
Critique the problem definition and research problem this research report addressed: During the time of the 20 the century, there were many of the leading economists theories that has stated that the family oriented businesses were the ones that has relics in the earlier areas. And this went on to surpass the firms by the way of embracing the modern capitalisms wherein the eternal cap Get solution

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