This assessment is designed to develop critical thinking and responsiveness to racism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people nursing care. Description Students will need to watch the movie, Rabbit Proof Fence. 1) Describe the plot and discuss key themes in the film. 2) Critically analyze how racism is displayed in the film. 3.) What did you learn and discuss how this knowledge is important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people nursing care? 4) Explain how you were feeling and what were you thinking as you finished watching the film? In the film review, you need to address the above questions. View Less >>
The sector of Film can be marked as one of the areas, which can be used in the area of conveying of different forms of messages, which should be directly helping in the detection of an ill practice, which is prevailing in the area of the society. One of the main concern factors, which can be stated in society, is the area of racism (Keum and Miller 2017). The concept of racism can be sometimes be included in the area of discrimination of the workings of the society and alter the manner each of the people directly engages with each other. The explanation can be concluded on a note that the factor of racial discrimination can be stated to be one of the areas, which directly affect the success factor of a society. It directly leads to the factor of discrimination in which there is no problem understanding which dwells between the people and in most of the cases detonates the working environment of the society. People concern area should be managed in a manner so that no sector of discrimination is applied to the area of management of the different task of society. Get solution

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