Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars

 Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars 

Article reviewers first learn how to assess the quality of various types of academic work, then apply that evaluation expertise to their own scholarly writing. They become better writers and academics as a result, and they educate other scholars how to write better as well.

Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars

Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars

When you examine an article or a book manuscript for publication, your comments, ideas, and revision recommendations assist the author in improving their work. You do this not just because a better article or book would be more useful, but also because you have caused it to be so.

What exactly is an article review?

An article review is a study and assessment of the quality of an existing article. It should contain your assessment of the following items:

  • The article’s substance, or the key concepts and how they are organized;
  • How facts or arguments support their notions;
  • The success of other components, such as the author’s style, tone, and presentation, in carrying out the author’s aim.

An article review is quite similar to any other kind of assessment. An article review, on the other hand, is more precise and extensive than a basic assessment since the evaluator also recommends modifications for the author to consider. You can imagine how useful it will be if you have prepared yourself to pay close attention to these three types of details in your writing, not only for this assignment but for every paper you write from now on.

How to Write an Effective Article Review

To write a decent article review, you must adhere to the same standards that any assessor must:

—Be precise. You may generalise rather than be exact or detailed to lighten your assignment; nevertheless, writing in this manner will not assist the author better their work. Instead, identify the problem and provide a solution.

—Be mindful of the author’s intent. The author of an article does not necessarily convey a tale in the same manner that someone who writes fiction or a narrative essay does. Because their major goal is to offer facts or an opinion about a topic, their purpose may be less specific than what you find in such writing. Your duty now is to figure out what that topic is and how the piece fulfils its goal.

—Be truthful about your own prejudices. As you read a piece, you may find yourself agreeing with some of it or opposing to others; such a reaction is normal and appropriate. To be useful to the author, however, you must acknowledge your biases and explain why they impact or affect your appraisal of their work.

—Respect the author’s authority and knowledge. If an article has an authoritative voice, as is frequently the case with academic writing, respect it even more by paying close attention to its structure and substance. And, if you believe that certain sections of the piece are less well done than others, your review should gently call that out. After all, if an author takes the time and effort to share their knowledge with you and other readers, it is only reasonable to return the favour by demonstrating how much you appreciate their work.

—Make helpful comments about how to improve the job. This is when your writing training will come in handy. If you are asked to comment on how to enhance an article, provide comments that highlight holes or weaknesses and then propose solutions to fix them. You might fix a rhetorical issue by implementing one of the following changes:

When is it appropriate to write an article review?

Why would you want to write a review of an article? One reason is because your English instructor has requested that you do so. Another reason may be that a friend or colleague has published an article and wants someone to check it over and provide criticism to the author in order to improve the content.

In any case, after you’ve completed your essay, you won’t find it to be such a hassle. And if you provide any recommendations for improvement, the author will benefit from your feedback in order to enhance their article for themselves and the rest of the world.

In an article review, your role is to provide a complete appraisal of the work. You must answer the following three questions:

1) Who is the writer?

This implies your evaluator should write a paragraph introducing the author and mentioning some of their qualifications or other credentials. They might be one or more of the following: a subject matter expert, a professional writer or editor, or someone who has earned accolades for their writing or editing abilities. The author of most article evaluations is identified by providing the name and title of the paper under review. Just make sure that if the article has more than one person’s name, you know which names to mention as the author or authors.

2) Who are the intended readers?

If the article is intended for a specific audience, this should be stated in the evaluator’s opening paragraph. When writing an article, the author often has a “audience” in mind, however some authors aim to teach and educate readers even if they are not part of this particular “audience.”

3) What is the goal?

Sometimes the aim or objectives of the piece are obvious from the start, although this is not always the case. You must indicate clearly in your assessment what you believe the author’s principal objective or intentions were in authoring the piece. To attempt to comprehend the writer’s aim or purposes, you may have to read between the lines.

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Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars

Writing Article Reviews Can Assist Scholars


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