1. For the movie. Name of the movie is a matrix by Thomas Anderson. Or by Morpheus. The main character, played by Keanu Reeves, is the name, Thomas Anderson. It is a religious movie. Here is the question: How does the film fit or challenge the Joseph Campbell “hero of tradition” myth structure? (Myth criticism)One single page. 2. The assignment is about a book. The name of the book: Is God a Racist? By Williams R.Jones.OR the writer can do it from another book. Name she who is the mystery of God in feminist theological Discourse by Elizabeth A.Johnson.This is a reflection paper. That is all thanks View Less >>
Is God a Racist – A Reflection William R. Jones is a partner teacher of philosophy of religion at Yale University divinity school. In his book ” IS GOD A RACIST?” he expounds on the likelihood of perfect prejudice as an issue for dark philosophy. Get solution

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