Write an essay (2,000 words) in which you describe and critically evaluate the role of Human Resource Planning (HRP) in relation to strategic management. Your essay should focus on what you believe will be the main challenges facing business and HR over the next five years. View Less >>
Introduction Human resource planning (HRP) is an integral part of human resource management (HRM) and in recent times, it is more significant in strategic human resource management (SHRM). The importance of HRP in the strategic management of a business is unavoidable, given the globalization of the business industry and economy(Ramona and Anca, 2013). HRP, HRM, and SHRM are all interrelated and this is more evident in HRP’s assistance towards organizations in attaining their respective objectives skilfully. With the global business advancement, challenges have become unavoidable in every sector. In this work of research, the role of human resource planning in relation to the strategic management Get solution

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