This is one of my favorite topics, and today I have decided to share my views on the negative impacts that anger carries. We experience a lot of feeling in our lifetime, and each of them has particular significance. Love teaches us to sacrifice; hope teaches us to be patient while anger is the most poisonous of all and it never helps us in any way. In fact, anger leads to revenge, which eventually kills the humanity in us. As we grow and maturity comes, we become more calm and tolerant, but in younger years, when the maturity levels are low, people tend to commit some mistakes out of anger and face the consequences for the rest of their lives.  The adrenaline rush of the young blood sometimes makes them commit unusual things that they might regret later. You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger. Buddha Anger is not an emotion, but it takes away your thinking capacity. For students, anger is their biggest enemy as it directly affects your brain and makes your nervous system weaker. I have a story so that you can better understand that anger is never good. Once there was a carpenter, he had a small workshop where he used to make furniture. One day after he left the workshop, a snake entered into his workshop and started looking for something to eat as he was starving. Even after looking for some time, he couldn’t find anything. Then he saw an axe and tried to eat it, and as he bit the ax, he got hurt. Upon biting, he hurt himself and got so furious and thought of teaching a lesson to axe, which has hurt him. Poor creature did not realize that an axe is not food and hit it. This time, it started bleeding, and it hurt so badly. The anger of the snake made him all the more frantic, and it began hitting the axe. The moment it hits the blade, its body cuts into two parts, and ultimately it died. The anger of the snake cost him his life, and he died an untimely death. This story perfectly shows the dangerous repercussions of anger and wrath. Poor snake was hungry and looking for food, but it got angry and in its anger didn’t realize that an axe is not something to be eaten. Anger takes away one’s intellectual ability and the moment intellect is gone, an individual commits grave errors that cannot be rectified. Young people are more prone to anger, and this anger may lead them to serious troubles. Usually, students do not think much before doing something and land themselves into trouble. I hope the short story that I have shared with you will make you understand that anger is poisonous and will never give you anything valuable. I know that sometimes, we all lose our control and take some impulsive actions that we may regret later. But one should learn the art of monitoring his thoughts and be mindful before making any decision. Meditation is a good option that helps people control their mind, and once you learn the art of controlling your mind, nothing in the world can make you angry. Practice yoga and meditation and do not let the outer world hamper your inner peace. If you are content and happy with yourself, the outside circumstances can never impact you. The current living conditions are so complicated, and we do not get time to pause and think as everybody is running so fast in life. I would suggest you not to run all the time blindly, but take some rest and analyze which situation needs your attention. Once, you find out what matters to you; you will not be bothered about the trivial stuff that takes place in your life. Sometimes, it is good to ignore certain things, as they will never give you anything productive. Had the snake kept on looking for food, it would have survived. Continuous assignments and exams may make you angry, and you may shout at your parents when you are not able to finish your assignments on time. This anger may create a distance amongst your family members. But if you take a holistic view, do you think that worrying over exams or assignments is worth it? I don’t think so. So do not get angry when you get stuck in an assignment as it is not good for your health. Instead, take our help as Make My Assignments is one of the best online assignment help services. For plagiarism-free content, please contact Hope you enjoy reading this post. The post is written by a professional writer working for Make My Assignments.

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