Wbs, gantt chart and network diagram. These are the most imp part of the assignment and it was the main reason I have gave you to make my pm as I said earlier, was not able to make it. Well, WBS is the hierarchical planning process which breaks task down into successively finer levels. We need to do it in detail. Even I have sent you my sample of wbs. You have made it only in five steps which will be not acceptable by our lecturer when he will see in next Friday class b4 submission. We can drag in and out to make it readable in network diagram. Even you can use another convenient page layout (landscape or in size) for that specific task. So pls breakdown the every activities in project libre as wbs, network diagram and gantt chart is imp part of the assignment which weighted more marks if you will see in requirements. Project management approach we have to give thereasons whywe select thismethod .there is only one reason we gave thatit takes less time to complete the project. we have to giveat least3 or 4reasonfor that. Risk matrix As I have send you the slides of pm, you will see one of the slides of risk matrix ( with small table). It is the need that we have to prioritize the risk value with giving the score (1 to 5) we can say in our project of caféria where we think there is the probability of more risk. ( like quality of material- we can give 2 number means higher risk. Like this we have to mention the risk factor in numner..1,2 is high risk 4 ,5 is less risk 3 is average) Introduction We can say that our main target is hospitality students but also for other students of otago where they can sit and exchange ideas over a cup of coffee. Appendix reference Appendix reference should be in the right way. (word-reference-cross reference) even all the references which are being mentioned in academic is not in right way (for exa, (Edureka, 2014 it should be like in word file, references-insert ciatation-add new source) so please do it like that ony for all that references. Communication In this section we have to use the table (shown in slides which I have sent you, figure 10-1) it gives the description that by which mean we will communicate with the team members for project. (for example, hard copy,soft copy, mail, phn etc.) along with alternative option, document name, formate, contact person, due List of schedule items Ranjan Rajesh is the project manager and Gurpreet kour is the project team manager Milestone list Why milestone list is after 10. Communication management plan rather than aftrer 9. Milestone list? Budget Where is the budget? As I said, this will be done in project libre. It will come automatically once you entered your items ( in project libre- budget report) Cost baseline and management plan For 4 hume, doors of timber etc…it will be preferable if we can make it in table formation as there are meny categorized information in it. Even we have to mention the references on which base we fix the price of respective material ( like trade me website or talking with business expertise of that field or even we can say advice from the otago specific department such as marketing team View Less >>
The approach of the project management has been maintained in the structural content addressing the complete structure of the appropriate teaching session. Therefore, a professional approach has been maintained throughout the project (Eskerod & Vaagaasar, 2014). This is to ensure that the project planning is done efficiently followed by the implementation plan preparation and monitoring. The approach of the project defines the structure of functioning within OPAIC aiming to establish a key functioning aspect in the project. The approach that has been maintained during the project has been found to be excellent while it approaches the method of confirming the desired outcome in the project. Get solution

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