Virtual reality assignment help online

Virtual reality assignment help

Virtual reality assignment


Virtual reality is a concept well known it has existed in various forms since 1960s. It has been known by names such as synthetic environment, cyberspace, artificial reality, simulator technology before Virtual reality was eventually adopted the latest manifestation of VR is desktop VR. Desktop VR is also known as window on world or non-immersive VR. As a result of proliferation of desktop VR, the technology has continued to develop application that are less than fully immersive. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Virtual reality assignment help online

Virtual reality assignment help online

These non-immersive VR applications are so far less expensive and technically daunting and have made inroads into industry training and development. There is development of computer based virtual learning environments for science engineering and others. These environments provide students with the opportunity to achieve learning goals. VLE-based applications have emerged in mainstream education in schools and universities as successful tools to supplement traditional teaching methods.

These learning environments have been discovered   to be more effective to learners. Virtual learning environments provide three dimensional insights into the structures and functions of any system desired. Students can thereby learn navigating through the environment created by such systems. It is known that VR can make the artificial as realistic as, and even more realistic than the real.

Classification of virtual reality systems.

Non-immersive virtual reality systems

This class is also known as world on world. They are the least implementation of VR techniques. It involves implementing VR on desktop computer. Using the desktop system, the virtual environment is viewed a portal or window by utilizing a standard high resolution monitor.

Seem-immersive Virtual reality systems

This type of system comprises of relatively high performance graphic computing system which can be coupled with either a large screen monitor, large screen projection system or multiple television projection system. Using wide field of view these systems increase the feeling of immersion or presence experienced by the user and stereographic imaging can be achieved.

Full immersive VR systems.

An immersive VR system is the most direct experience of virtual environments. In this kin of system user either wear and head mounted display (HMD) or uses some form of head coupled display such as Binocular Omni orientation monitor (BOOM) to view the virtual environment, in addition to some tracking devices and haptic devices. An HMD or BOOM uses small monitors placed in front of each eye which provide stereo, bi-Ocular or monocular images

Virtual reality assignment help online

Virtual reality assignment help online

Components of virtual reality

Hardware components of virtual reality

Computer workstation

A computer workstation is a high-end microcomputer designed for technical or scientific applications. Intended mainly to utilize by one person at a time, workstations are commonly connected to a local area network and run multi user operating systems .workstation may be referred to as mainframe computer.

Sensory displays

Sensory displays are used to display the simulated virtual worlds to the user. The most common sensory displays are the computer visual display unit, the head mounted display (HMD) for 3D audio

Process acceleration cards

These cards help to update the display with new sensory information. Examples are 3D graphic cards and #D sound cards.

Tracking system

This system tracks the position and orientation of a user in virtual environment. This system is divided into: mechanical, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and infrared trackers.

Input devices

They are used to interact with the virtual environment and objects within the virtual environment. Examples are joystick, keyboard voice recognition or mouse.

Software components of virtual reality systems

3D modeling software

3D modelling software is used in constructing the geometry of the objects in virtual world and specifies the visual properties of these objects.

2D graphics software

2D graphics software is used to manipulate texture to be applied to the objects which enhances their visual details.

Digital sound editing software

Digital sound editing software is used to mix and edit sound that objects make within the virtual environment

VR simulation software

Simulation software brings components together it is used to program how these objects behave and set the rules that the virtual world follows.

Virtual reality applications

Modeling, designing and planning

In modelling virtual reality offers the possibility of watching in real-time and real space what model objects look like. Virtual reality enables users to be able to change color, texture and positions of objects, observing instantaneously how the whole surrounding would look like.

Training and education.

Virtual reality used by civil companies because they offer lower operating costs than real aircraft flight training and they are much safer. In other fields where training is necessary, simulation have also offered a big benefits. Another application that allow training medicine students in performing end surgery operations of eyes and legs


Constantly decreasing prices and constantly growing power of hardware has finally brought VR too many uses. It has found application in the entertainment the game industry has brought to game multiplayer game systems besides complicated installation.

Telepresence and teleoperating

Telepresence is a technology that allows people to operate in remote environments by means of VR user interfaces in many cases this form of remote control is the only possibility the distant environment maybe hazardous to human health or life and no other technology support such high level dexterity of operation.

Data and architectural visualization

For long time people have been gathering a great amount of various data. The management of megabyte or even gigabytes information is not easy. Special visualization techniques were developed in order to make full use of it. Their goal is to make data perceptible and easily accessible to humans.

Challenges of virtual reality

  • VR is often considered as a game, which is not taken very much seriously. Students show attitude of winning the game but not engaged to leaning and thinking critically.
  • VR require intensive graphics capabilities that are not at all times possible with standard computer equipment and it could take significant efforts to achieve smooth implementation.
  • VR is often delivered as propriety solutions that could not be matched with similar environments from other developers.
  • VR is not suitable for students from different cultures religions ethical groups and geographical regions this limits distribution and adoption.
  • VR is different to males and females due to their specific psychological level of world perception and behavior they react and respond differently to situations and events.

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