Select one type of the research methods (qualitative, quantitative,new product/technology)- Select one of the existing research articles which applied the selected research method- If the article was not one of the focused reading article in the assignment 1, a focused reading needs to be conducted for it; otherwise, it needs to be improved according to the review of the first assignment.- The focused reading of the article shall be included here, with answers to the following questionso What did the authors do (key contributions)o Why did the authors conduct the research (existing problems)o What are the key differences in the method/approach (innovation)o What are main achievements, significanceo What can be further improvedo Research problem identified (to be reflected in the proposed research) Conduct a literature review on whether other research has applied chatbots to address thesame problem. Provide a summary overview on what related works have been done andwhat has not been done. The related work shall be included in the reference and citedhere, according to a selected citation/reference style. View Less >>
This innovation designed Chatbot system is an innovation of validation methodology for the Artificial Intelligence. This project work of designing the Chatbot system will follow the Ai simulation models validation method. This system basically aims to describe the control systems using the AI system concepts and methods. While implementing this system the educational institutes can be able to bring new quality in the terms of safety and operation of used engines. In this project work learning infrastructures and methods needs to be evolved and this tool also aimed to bring changes in the emergent educational challenges. Interactive collaboration can be drawn in the learning methods where the students can be able to gain adequate knowledge and training through the implementation of this technology. Machine learning method in the education system is quite interesting and new, however the chat boot designed system helps reducing the complexity in dealing with course curriculum. While designing the technology all of the ethical values like data security, data privacy and confidentiality have been kept as a basic concern. None of the person’s personnel feelings can be harmed through this tool and any kind of misuse cannot be entertained by the system. Get solution

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