Answer the following questions- 1. analyse the pathogenesis in relation to the clinical manifestations in the case study. 2. Select ONE (1) appropriate nursing strategy, and explain the underpinning evidence base for this rational 3. Critically analyse the Arterial blood gas results, and relate them to the underlying pathogenesis View Less >>
The pathogenesis in relation to the clinical manifestation of the patient can be referred to here so that the cause of development and production of the diseases can be tracked down and also can be understood. The pathogenic condition like burning sensation upon urination and also low amount of urine production which is 40mls in last 8 hours and some other conditions are leading to the clinical state of urinary tract infection (Shaikh et al. 2016). The other pathogenic condition like dark urine and previous urinary tract infection are also the serious conditions or scenarios that are leading towards the development of this clinical manifestation in the patient, MrKirkman a 75-year-old male which is UTI or urinary tract infection. The burning sensation during the time of urination is a pathogenic condition that indicates towards the prevalence of infection in the urinary tract and at the same time also refers to the occurrence of sepsis which can lead to more pain and illness (Shaikh et al. 2016). Get solution

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