Students enrolled in GEOS1002 must submit a response to the following essay question. Essays should be a maximum of 1500 words in length (excluding reference list) and should have the final word length written on the title page. The due time and date are 5.00pm on Friday 26th September 2014. Essays are to be submitted online via the Assignment drop box on the eLearning site. Hard copies will not be accepted. Note that the dropbox will be available one week before the submission deadline. This essay is worth 30% of the semester mark. Late penalties will accrue at 5% of awarded mark for each 24-hour period, or part thereof, after the submission deadline. During semester we will see that many contemporary issues are the product of a complex interaction between social and natural processes. We will also see that these processes may occur over vastly different spatial and temporal scales. It follows that many contemporary issues may appear incomprehensible or insoluble when these interactions across space and scale are not understood, or ignored. In this essay we would like you to choose a contemporary environmental issue from the list below and analyse it from a geographical perspective. Specifically, we want you to demonstrate awareness that many contemporary environmental issues are the product of both social and natural phenomena. You should explain the ‘natural’ processes that influence social action, and how those social actions interact with natural processes to create positive or negative social or environmental outcomes. Evidence of a capacity to think across the boundaries between the natural and social sciences in Geography will be rewarded. We want you to demonstrate what ‘thinking geographically’ means in both concept and practice. Choose one of the following topics: • The ‘Millennium Drought’ in Australia • Dryland soil salinisation in New South Wales • Acid Sulfate soils in South Australia • Urbanism and environmental sustainability • 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami • Climate change and small island states Please download the attached file. View Less >>
Environment is a broad term which includes everything in our live through which we interact in our daily activities. The earth is facing environmental crisis which is leading to degradation of environment quality. The crisis is endangering the lives of many animals and is also responsible for high level of suffering (Torey, 2014).  There are several contemporary issues present that need to be addressed for enhancing the sustainability of the environment. Contemporary environmental issues are the product of both social and natural phenomena. In relation this, urbanism is also a contemporary environment issue that is having a significant impact on the growth and sustainability of environment. Urbanism is the study of physical needs of urban societies and the characteristic way through which inhabitants of towns and cities interact with each other. Sustainable urbanism aims to reduce the impact of increasing urbanism on environmental sustainability. The main objective of sustainable urbanism is to eliminate the effect of urban development on environment so that the environment can be protected from degradation (Torey, 2014).  In this relation, the present essay aims to discuss the contemporary environmental issue of urbanism and environmental sustainability. In addition to this, the essay will also demonstrate the natural processes of environment that are impacted by urbanism and create positive or negative social or environmental outcomes. Get solution

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