This exam is in 2 parts, and is worth 40% of the total marks for the course. In your answers we expect you to be drawing on material we have covered in the course, with specific emphasis on Weeks 7-13. The course homepage is at: And the weekly topics are: Week 7 – Aboriginal people and Education Week 8 – Aboriginal people and Australia’s economy Week 9 – Self determination Week 10 –Protecting Aboriginal heritage Week 11 – land Rights Week 12 – terra nullius to Native Title Week 13 – Reconciliation: what is this movement? The word length for this assignment is approximately 1500 words. Exams papers will not be returned but a feedback sheet and grade result which shows how you performed in the various sections of the exam will be sent through Gradebook. You need to choose 5 out of the 10 terms in part 1 and answer 2 out of the 4 topics in part 2 In part 1, answer the questions in your own words except when quoting. Keep the use of websites references and quoting to a minimum. You can use dot points. Make sure you clearly identify any quotes. Please include Harvard Style in-text and end note references for any quotes or references in Part1 and Part 2. View Less >>
Demonstration and application of a body of knowledge (GQ1 – 20%) Is prepared for life long learning and personal development (GQ2- 20%) communicates effectively (GQ6 – 60%).  Explanation of Assessment 3:  The take home exam is divided into two parts: Part One: you will choose 5 topics from the list and define in your own words your understanding of the subject, Part  Two: two short answer papers. The topics will be provided when the Take home exam is sent out to all students.  In this assignment you must ensure that the language that you use is inclusive. Please refer to the Learning and Teaching Unit URL:  In this assignment you will also be expected to demonstrate how you integrate understandings of Aboriginal issues in your professional practise. Get solution

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