Part A has three questions based on general requirements engineering concepts . These questions are based on a process narrative for a use case describing how teaching content are submitted and accepted to an online repository central. Assume that you are part of the requirements engineering team responsible for developing the requirements specification and this case narrative was obtained by you while determining the requirements. Please ensure that you clearly list any assumptions that you make when responding to the questions.

Read through the following use case scenario narrative and answer the questions related to it. You will be tested on completeness and accuracy of your answers to each question and also how well you maintain consistency across the different questions. You are expected to clearly list out any assumptions you make while answering these questions

Part B is based on a research paper and is designed like a reading comprehension section. You will be expected to read the paper and respond to the questions in

  • Please develop a critique of the research paper in about 500 – 700 words. Your critique should cover
    • The machine learning technique adopted by the paper
    • The confidence you have on the implementation of the techniques
    • The validity of their results.
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