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Robotics is a special discipline in the engineering field that mainly deals with the development, design and use of robots. In robotics, computers are used to control operations of robots and in the processing of information.

Robotics Assignment Help

Robotics Assignment Help

In the manufacturing industry, robots have been widely used to improve processes and to accurately produce products hence requiring less manpower thereby reducing cost of labor. In addition to the manufacturing sector, robots have proven to be very useful in areas such as exploration of the sea, nuclear science and biotechnological equipment. Automated robotics have made it easier to produce goods.

Globally, robots are applied in different areas. As countries advance technologically, robots have continued to enhance the lives of people. Robots play a very vital role in the daily lives of people.

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Types of Robots

There are various types of robots that are commonly used ranging from the concierge robots to the industrial robots.  Examples of these types are:

  1. Industrial Robots – these are the commonly used robots. They are widely used and are highly programmable. Industrial robots are usually stationary but have the ability to move their arms through different axes. They used in different units of manufacturing such as painting, assembling and painting. Industrial robots are very accurate and they help companies gain benefits including saving on production costs. Until 2019, there were approximately 2.9 million robots in use. Industrial robots can also be used in the construction sector.
  2. Military Robots – these are the robots strictly used by the military to work in highly dangerous environments for people to work in. for instance, the military often use drones and bomb disposal robots. Robots are also used in searches carried out in the underwater and in rescue missions. Robots have the ability to withstand very harsh climates and can also be used in terrains. Some companies use military robots to explore seas and other planets.
  3. Domestic Robots – domestic robots can be found in supermarkets and are mostly used in household chores such as gutter cleaning, vacuum cleaning and cleaning swimming pools. They make work easier. Domestic robots are commonly used in commercial places. They are in high demand. Robotics engineers are frequently sought by companies that need them to develop robots for them.
  4. Medical Robots – the most common medical robot is the surgery robot. Surgery robots aid surgeons to perform surgeries. Surgery robots are employed to accurately perform the highly sensitive and delicate surgeries. They have helped reduce risks of surgeries to patients. In the near future, it will be possible for surgeons to purely operate using robots while they are in different locations.
  5. Security Robots – security robots are mostly used to provide round the clock surveillance of building irrespective of the weather. They collect information on the condition of the building such as leakages. They are commonly used in shopping malls, residential developments, power plants and chemical storage areas.
  6. Service robots – these are the robots mostly used in carrying out service tasks. The most common type are the concierge and hospitality robots that are widely used in commercial places. Concierge robots usually automate registration processes and allocate rooms to guests by using facial recognition. They are largely used in exhibitions and events. Hospitality robots shake hands, chat with customers and help customers to download coupons.

Subjects linked to Robotics in Our Robotics Assignment Help

Robotics play a great role in the real world. To develop robots, its important to study other fields such as:

  • Artificial intelligence assignment help –
  • Coding assignment help
  • Robotics engineering

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Career opportunities in Robotics

Today, robotics is widely used. It is used in the fields of cars, space and deep sea.  Career opportunities in the field of robotics include:

  • Robotics engineer – this is the person who designs and creates robots and the systems to operate them. They design the components needed to assemble robots. Engineers often offer support and fix problems that come up when using robots.
  • Robotics technician – a robotics technician performs similar tasks as robotics engineers although they mainly focus on testing and repairing systems of robotics.

Fields of Robotics

Ideally, there are five fields of specialization in robotic. These are:

  • Operator interface – the operator interface is the system of contact between robots and humans. Robots should be able to interact with the human controlling them.
  • Mobility of locomotion – locomotion is the movement of the robot in its environment. Robots move from one place to another. They should have fins, wheels, legs and propellers.
  • Programming – robots ae able to understand and adjust to changes in the environment by use of advanced programming.
  • Observing and Perception – robots need to get information from sensors for them to understand where they are, where they are needed to go to and how to avoid hitting obstacles.

Benefits of Robotics

There is a great number of students studying robotics in various universities as it is applied in various areas due to the reasons below:

  • Cost saving – robots help to automate a number of processes thereby enabling people to easily work and complete tasks. They help to do more work using fewer resources. Robots give high value for time and money.
  • High accuracy levels – human beings tend to make errors when they do tasks repeatedly greatly due to fatigue. These mistakes could cause an immense negative impact on the organization. By using robots, companies are able to achieve high-precision and high-quality work. They can work without resting and are less likely to suffer technological errors.
  • Improved security at work – industries often carry out activities that can lead to accidents and are very dangerous. Robots can be utilized to perform such tasks to avoid losses.
  • Strong competence – robots are used to minimize costs and development cycles. With little cost, robots can offer customers high quality end products. Robots help increase production abilities of industries.
  • Improved planning – robots are known to work at a steady rate making it easier to estimate when goods will be produced. Universities are keen on teaching robotics to help improve our lives.

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