Top Six hacks for Article WritingArticle writing is an essential skill for everyone to learn, but we cannot take away the fact that not everyone is fond of writing. Some people may find it challenging to learn the art of writing. Article writing requires more than just your writing skills and talent. It also needs your dedication in doing it like any other type of writing engagement. If you put your heart into it, there’s no doubt that you can write an amazing article. There are several factors that you have to consider when writing an article, one of which is the length of your article or its word count which helps you get your writing more focused and precise. Oftentimes, an article starts with a brief, attention-grabber heading. This is mainly because your heading is designed to capture the attention of your readers and give them a briefing on what your article is al about. Therefore, the first paragraph of your article should be able to present an overview of the article itself. It must contain your article’s most important points. Such introductory part is very common in magazine and newspapers articles. On the other hand, the body of the article should then expound what is in your introduction while you sum up all the main points in your concluding paragraph. With little to no restrictions in article writing, you can almost write about everything, but it is a different story when your aim is to make your article stand out from the rest. Remember that a great and interesting article usually don’t happen in one sitting and it requires ample amount of time to write as well as to revise. However, there’s no need to ask for a miracle to write an amazing article. You can start by brainstorming. Remember that planning is an essential part of the writing process. It can help you save time as well as stay on course. The next thing you should do is to organize your ideas and all the information you’ve gathered pertaining to your article topic. Then, allot some time constructing a catchy, informative and accurate article. Lastly, go over your article and make necessary revisions. For a more detailed step-by step guide on how to write an article, you can simply follow these simple steps:Step 1: Choose an Interesting Topic.When choosing a topic for your article, it is important that you pick something that really  interests you because it will help you stay focused at the same time motivated all throughout the writing process. If your topic is too broad, you should narrow it down. It’ll be a lot easier for you to tackle things if you have a more specific topic.Step 2: Consider What Your Audience’s Needs.As a writer, your audience is one of the most important things you need to consider. You have put yourself in their shoes. Unbiasedly judge your writing and ask yourself if it’s informative, entertaining and most of all, useful. Did you find the answers that you’ve been looking for in the article? You should be able to appeal to your readers by showing them that what you have written is very important. You can make a list of questions your readers might have and wanted to be addressed in your article.Step 3: Conduct a Research.Whenever you are writing an article, it is important that you backup your thesis statement with factual information. You can get them from reliable and credible resources in school libraries, academic journals, etc.  Here are some facts that you can include in your article:Relevant statistics or survey resultsQuotes or saying by some well-known personalitiesDefinition or meaning of termsAnecdotesOther references like media and other publicationsHelpful tools, resources and/or products In data gathering, it is imperative to take down notes on pertinent information alongside its sources. Organize everything you have collected as it is easy to work if things are properly sorted out. You may use a folder or an electronic document to keep them in one place.Step 4: Write the First Draft of Your ArticleThe key to writing a strong article draft is to write with no hesitations. Let all your thoughts flow freely in your writing besides it is just a draft, you still have time to revise and finalize it. But always bear in mind that you have to prioritize the needs of your target readers. If you have extra time to compose an outline the better because an article outline can help you write in a more organized manner for you already have a clear vision of what to write on each part of the article. Lastly, when you’re writing your draft, maintain a conversational tone when addressing your audience.Step 5: Make Your Draft More Specific.After writing your first draft, the next step you need to do is to check it thoroughly and add missing information or trim down what is irrelevant in the article. You can also arrange your paragraphs sequence in a way that your readers will appreciate your article better. Step 6: Edit, Rewrite and Proofread Your DraftThe last step in article writing is revising what you have written. The revision process has three different steps namely: editing, rewriting and proofreading. Editing is the process of changing some of your content to further improve the overall quality of your writing most specifically to the language and expressions you use. After editing, it is expected that your language and expression will be precise and consistent and the overall readability of your article was enhanced. Rewriting on the other hand is basically just writing again your draft but this time, you’ll be omitting all the errors and changing everything that you have edited beforehand while rewriting it. Finally, you read your article one last time but this time your purpose is to proofread your writing. The process of proofreading include correcting surface errors such as grammar usage, spelling, punctuation and other writing errors you might have committed during the writing process.Once you’re done with the revision process, you can now confidently submit your article to a publication. Don’t forget to attach a short cover letter. You are always free to use this article writing hacks as your guide in writing amazing articles but if ever you need professional help in writing your articles, you can always count on our professional writers and expert editors. They can either write your article for you or they can revise your article to make it more comprehensive and interesting to the readers.

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