There should be 2 organizations where both organizations have to be interviewed regarding their Training IT employees. Such as, what are the challenges and issues while providing the training to the IT employees? There should be at least 4 interviewedquestions and answer that can be explained in the comparative analysis of the organization 1and organization 2. View Less >>
Abstract For the research study, the organization which was selected was Wipro Ltd. It is an IT company and as training is the most important part of the IT sector it was covered. It was seen that the major issues which were faced by the trainers were the unstoppable changes in the technology and unaltered advancement in the technologies. This started creating issues in the training as there are different phases of training in the organization and sometimes the changes in the technology cause revising the training strategies. It can be considered that once the training period is lessened and technical training is increased it will help in combating the changes and differences in it. The second organization selected was Apple Inc. wherein the various issues and challenges related to new product development, pricing, maintaining a competitive edge, as well as newinnovations through strategic relationships and alliances, was discussed,. A questionnaire was put up to the employees which targeted the various issues of the IT department, thereby finding a resolution to it through the IS planning phase of the study. A comparative analysis between the two organizations was also drawn so that the issues could be understood in depth. Introduction This report gives a brief about two information technology (IT) organizations – Apple Inc. andWipro by discussing various issues and problems that the respective organizations are facingalong with various opportunities that exist within the organization. A set of questions in the formof a questionnaire is put across to the employees with regards to various issues and problems thatthey face in the company. The IS planning section then discusses details of how the employeesresponded to the given set of questions. An extensive literature analysis is then carried out for theentire study to provide a conceptual framework to identify a set of solutions for the issues. Acomparative analysis of the two businesses, their issues and results of interviews is then carriedout keeping in mind the specific literature. Get solution

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