Research paper topic proposal Topic: Fuel cells, what is the current state of the technology? What are the potential uses? In this paper, I will be talking about fuel cell technology. How it works, uses for it and potential setbacks. For the future, we might want to change a lot of things that surround us and help us live out day to day lives in order to help save the environment. Fuel cells could be the solution to air pollution. They function thanks to a source of fuel such as hydrogen and antioxidant. They could replace the process of burning petrol and diesel in the automotive and transportation industries. Fuel cells can also have use for other daily needs. In the paper I will include information about how exactly fuel cells work, what is the technology behind them and what kind of impact they have on the environment. View Less >>
The sources of fossil fuels such as oil have become harder to access in the past few years. The access is difficult both physically as well as politically. This brings about the need to generate renewable energy. However, most of the renewable energy that comes from solar, hydro as well as wind sources is limited to certain parts of the world and is also much more costly than the non-renewable sources. Considering the world in which we live today, the renewable source of energy that we produce should be efficient and affordable by the masses. Hence the chemical fuels are the best option in this case. (MacFarlane et al. 2018). Get solution

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