Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

What is Biophysics?

Biophysics is the application of methods and approaches to understand and solve a wide number of biological problems. It is an interdisciplinary that uses physics and biology to understand biological systems.

Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

Biophysics connects concepts of biology and physics and can therefore be referred to as an integrative science that uses physical concept to study and understand the biological world. It is a science that applies methodologies and strategies for material science to understand organic frameworks.

Connection between Physics and Biology

Physics is the science that is involved with the quantitative analysis of the natural world with the use of formulae, theories, data and practical calculations. On the other hand, biology is the science subject that helps us to understand the natural world through experiments.

Unlike physics, biology involves more of the results obtained from experiments and less of calculations. Biophysics therefore is the combination of ideas and knowledge from both physics and biology.

Basic Concepts of Biophysics

Bio in biophysics means life whereas physics is the science that deals with the physical properties and phenomenon of both living and non-living things. The combination of the two sciences gave rise to biophysics. The main goal of biophysics is to create a bridge and establish a connection of the two by studying biology using physics.

Biology involves studying complex structures and processes whereas physics is majorly concerned with providing simplicity in solving problems by using laws and principles.  Biophysics therefore bridges the space between the intricacy of life and the easiness of physical laws which can be a challenge.

However, it is important to note that biophysics is more of biology rather than of physics. Biophysics is a subdiscipline of biology that studies the physical principles underlying all processes that take place in living things.

Biophysics covers various levels of life including the study of cells, molecules and organisms. Biophysics answers a number of concepts as described below;

  1. Communication between nerve cells in the biological body – through biophysics, scientists have discovered protein tags for various chemicals in different colors used by body cells. Every cell matches the color tag and accepts the color accordingly.
  2. Working of molecular protein machine – protein machine is complex molecular machines which work on the principle of biophysics. Although protein machines are way smaller than everyday machines, they still use some energy to work. Biophysics therefore explains how the law of energy from physics helps in the working of these biological machines.
  3. Arrangement of atoms – different chemical reactions that take place in the living body are performed by protein molecules. They are responsible for the movement of limbs. All sensory organs of human beings are made up of protein which helps them to sense the environment. These same proteins are responsible for transforming the food we eat into energy and transforming light into vision. In addition, proteins provide us with the immunity we need to fight unwanted bodies from our bodies. Lastly, protein is also responsible for the repair of broken cells and the control of cell development.

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Importance of Biophysics in the current world

Today’s world is faced with a number of biological and physical problems. Some of the

serious problems we need to control in the near future are;

  • Maintaining and preserving water resources.
  • Keeping a close eye on global warming.
  • Continuously getting sufficient energy.
  • Preservation of biological diversity.
  • Controlling the growing world’s population and ways to continuously feed it.

Good news is, biophysics is the discipline with the vision and information needed to solve these scientific challenges based on the laws of physics and biological structure which is complex in nature.

Biophysics provides innovations for coming up with solutions for biofuel and bioelectricity. It also controls the production of various natural resources such as water and sunlight. In addition, biophysics is also responsible for regulating the supply of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon content and heat in the universe.

Biophysics should therefore be included in the curriculum because of the following reasons;

  • Research in biophysics is important because it will encourage researchers to come up with new solutions to the existing problems as well as discover new instruments for an in-depth analysis of any biological structure.
  • Biophysics is a multi-disciplinary course which involves knowledge of all the important branches of science.
  • Currently, human biological systems are facing a lot of problems hence the need for inventions in order to understand the internals of the complex biological structures.

Topics covered in Biophysics Assignment

Biophysics is a combination of both biological and physical concepts. Students pursuing biophysics must fully understand what each topic entails for them to gain all the relevant skills. In addition, students will be required to relate the biological aspect to the physical aspect before coming up with a solution.

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  1. Protein Dynamics
  2. Bio membranes
  3. Cellular Physiology
  4. Cell Mechanics
  5. Structural Biophysics
  6. Working of molecular protein machines
  7. Brain Imaging and Bioelectronics
  8. Quantitative analysis of biological problems
  9. Computational biology and Genomics.

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Importance of Biophysics in the advancement of Biology

Biophysics has and continues to play a major role in a majority of biological discoveries.  For instance, biophysics helped in the discovery of the structure of the DNA. Biophysics also brought about the invention of various instruments used for various biological purposes.

These instruments are used in the purification, detection, and manipulation of materials and chemicals. Biophysics has also brought about medical imaging technologies such as MRI, CAT scans, PET scans and sonograms for the diagnosis of all manner of diseases.

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Branches of Biophysics assignment help

  1. Physiochemical biophysics – this is the branch that applies physical chemistry to biology. It is concerned with the study of structures of macromolecules, gels, colloids together with the thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of different biological actions and reactions.
  2. Mathematical biophysics – this branch of biophysics is an application of computers in the study of biological systems and medicines whereby cybernetics and biostatistics are used to study the biological growth rates and cycles.
  3. Physical biophysics – this is the branch of biophysics that deals with the study of hydrodynamics, mechanics, optics, hydro statistics, light and sound effects radiological and electromagnetic waves in the biological systems.
  4. Physiological biophysics – physiological biophysics studies electrical nature of the living tissues that is, the electric potentials of various membranes, brain, heart, and others in addition to the influence of space medicines, radiations and bioenergetics.

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Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

Top Biophysics Assignment Guide

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