SWOT Analysis Homework Help

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

A SWOT analysis is an excellent way to gain insight into your company’s strengths and weaknesses. A SWOT analysis can help you focus on what you need to succeed, whether it’s a new skill or just some sound advice from a friend. In this article, we’ll look at how to make your own!

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

What exactly is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. When you conduct a SWOT analysis, you look at all of these factors to determine your strengths and weaknesses. You consider how your circumstances might change in the future (opportunities and threats) and make decisions on how to improve things now (strengths and weaknesses). You’ll have a better idea of where to focus your efforts if you conduct a SWOT analysis.

The Advantages of SWOT Analysis

One of the most useful aspects of a SWOT analysis is that it is a quick way to determine what you should improve and prioritize in your life. For example, if you discover that your greatest weaknesses are resourcefulness and patience, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts to improve. SWOT analysis aids in goal setting, and when it comes to success, nothing beats being specific.

How to Create a Successful Strategy

A SWOT analysis is the first step in developing a successful strategy. Here’s how to get started on one:

  • Have a brainstorm. Consider every aspect of yourself and your situation. Make a list of any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats that come to mind.
  • If necessary, add more information. You may want to consult with friends or family members about important issues unrelated to them that may affect your success, such as zoning rules for a business you plan to open or the availability of potential employees with specific skillsets required by your business.
  • Examine each item individually to determine what needs to be improved, where you are strongest (and why), and where things could improve or deteriorate.
  • Using the notes from the analysis, make a list of goals. This is where you decide what you’re going to do with each item and how you’re going to do it.

For example, your analysis may reveal that you need assistance developing management skills, but you also have excellent analytical and communication skills. You could set a goal to further your education in order to improve employee personal management while also pursuing an MBA degree to gain even more analytical ability!

What Is a SWOT Analysis?

It is best to conduct a SWOT analysis in writing. Making a written list of everything you’ve considered will assist you in synthesizing everything without becoming confused or overwhelmed.

SWOT Analysis Strengths

Your strengths are the characteristics that distinguish you from your competitors. Take a step back from what’s bothering you and concentrate on what makes you unique. What do people say about you? What drew you to your current job or the production of your current product or service? Remember that some goals are often associated with more than one strength.

For example, if we discovered during a SWOT analysis for a bookkeeper at her small business that she had excellent computer skills as well as basic accounting skills, it would be difficult to decide which skill should take priority because developing both would fulfill two of her company’s needs for success: specific payroll/accounting software knowledge. Which is more powerful?


Your weaknesses are aspects of yourself that you wish to improve. They are the areas where you lack skill or where you need to improve. This is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself, but rather to recognize that everyone has room for growth and improvement.


These are things that, in the future, may be beneficial to you, such as new technologies or market changes. Look for ways to capitalize on your strengths in order to have an impact on something that is happening in the world right now.

For example, if you have a strong marketing background and run a company whose success is dependent on your ability to promote your services online, perhaps shifting your focus to how you can become more involved with social media sites would help your company’s success?


Threats are external challenges, such as competitors lowering their prices and thus reducing your profit margin, laws changing and requiring you to spend money to comply with them, financial markets overriding your business plan, and so on.

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis

It is critical to use your SWOT analysis to develop a plan of action.

  • How will you deal with each item? For example, if you have the opportunity to become more involved in social media opportunities for your company, will you take it on, and why?
  • If necessary, devise ways to strengthen or shore up some of these areas so that they do not pose weaknesses for you. Remember that sometimes improving your skill level isn’t the only way to improve things; creative thinking can also produce solutions!

What do we need now that we have all of this information? It’s time to get started on goal-setting. This is the stage at which we decide what we’re going to do with all of the information we’ve gathered. Having a method for creating goals will help us stay focused and avoid wasting time on ideas that are unlikely to work in real life (no matter how tempting they may be!).

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SWOT Analysis Homework Help

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

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