To apply knowledge of biomaterial properties to a material selection or biomedical device design problem. Project questions and tasks (a)Progress project report: 1.Select a Class III biomedical device that has been developed for commercial use. 2.Identify the various major parts of the device or implant, provide a drawing or illustration and list the biomaterials used. 3.Justify the selection of the materials used with regards to the medical device requirements and the biomaterial properties including chemical compositions,physical characteristics, mechanical properties and biological properties. 4.Describe the characterisation and evaluation methods for the material properties. (b) Final project report (to be based on the progress report): 5.Provide an alternative biomaterial solution to at least one of the key components used in the device and justify your selection based upon the relevant material and biological principals. 6.List the advantages and disadvantages of the existing components and those of the proposed alternative material. Project requirements 1.Oral progress project presentation on August 16 (week 5), 12-15 min per group followed by 2 min for questions. 2.Written progress project report (5-10 pages, Times New Roman 12 point) due August 23 (week 6). It should describe the selected device and propose ideas for completing the project. 3.Oral final project presentation on September 27 (week 10), 12-15 min per group followed by 2 min for questions. 4.Written final project report (5- 10 pages, Times New Roman 12 point) due October 4 (week 11). Grading Policy 1.The project is worth 50% of your final grade, and includes evaluation of the progress presentation (15%), progress report (10%), final presentation (15%), and final report (10%). 2.Grading will favour reports that are complete, neat and provide reasonable rationale for the material selections. View Less >>
Up until today in the medicinal industry, biomaterials play a critical and significant role in the life-saving and treatment of patients. A biomaterial is defined as a synthetic substance or material that is engineered to replace or restore functions of a complex system by interacting with components of living systems. Today biomaterials have advanced at a rapid rate, with the current Get solution

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