In this assignment, you are required to select an Australian Global Business. You will prepare and present a report outlining the industry, it’s business and mission with an emphasis on foreign market entry strategies. Highlight the challenges it faces and the benefits of going global. This report will require you to expand on the information given in lectures and apply theories and concepts learned in a well structured report. It will comprise 35% of your overall marks and is due 20 October 2014. You will also be required to present the highlights of your report (things that you think are most important) to the class in a 10 minute presentation using PowerPoint. You must be ready to present in Week 12, week beginning 13th of October 2014. The presentation will comprise 10% of your overall marks Instructions Write a report of no more than 2000 words which must be word-processed, double spaced and using Times New Roman 12 point font. Please read the instructions below and the marking criteria before you attempt this report. It will give you an indicator of the layout required for this report. Where appropriate and to strengthen your justifications, you are encouraged to use charts and graphs to support your case, and this will not be counted against the word limit. In parts of your report, you may use point form (with sufficient explanations) for your answers, but remember that this is a piece of business writing so it should be in a formal style. This is a good practice to write concisely and give to-the-point business insight. Marks will be given for relevant references. I have listed some references that you could use in your assignment. The Witten Report You report should contain the suggested report layout Table of Contents Introduction and Purpose of Report Business Descriptions Describe the business of your company What is the mission statement for your business Describe your business’ long term and short term goals Industry Description Describe the industry in which your business is a part of Provide a description of the industry size and growth and any prevailing trends. Describe any government policies, foreign direct investment and trade barrier that impact the industry in general and your company specifically. Going Global Why is an international focus important for your business- why go global? What are the chosen foreign market entry strategies employed by your business Describe the challenges and benefits faced by your business in pursuing its global market strategies. Discuss the impact of trade agreements on an industry and the your company’s marketing and business strategies Concluding Statement Tip: refer back to the organisational goals and mission Bibliography in proper format View Less >>
The given report is based on the marketing and promotion strategies used by a famous Australian clothing company “Billabong International Limited” to expand its operations in other countries and generate high revenues and sales. For the assessment of challenges and benefits faced by business in pursuing global marketing strategies “Billabong International Limited” is selected that is a leading and renowned clothing company of Australia. The report highlights that international marketing plays a crucial role in providing innovative services to customers and in maintaining competitive advantage. A well defined marketing plan helps an organisation to utilise its resources in an efficient manner. There are many market risks and challenges that a company faces. As a result, the success and failure of the company and the product depend on the marketing plan to a great extent. Thus, a proper analysis of the market is carried out, which helps in developing and implementing the marketing plans. The company needs to evaluate all the external, as well as, internal factors before designing a marketing plan. The report covers the detailed marketing plan for launch of new services and products in foreign countries. Get solution

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