Assignment – RR1.1 RR1 is an individual assessment that covers the theme focus for this semester . This new tax will be used as the context to address theories, concepts, standards and ethical/ moral issues addressed within this course. You will take one of the following in relation to MRRT: one theory from either a normative or positivist stand that should be applied to the MRRT, or one accounting concept that is applicable or should be applicable to the MRRT, or one accounting standard that is or should be relevant to the MRRT, or one ethical or moral issue that should be addressed in the MRRT debate. The theory, concept, standard or issue will then need to be addressed from the perspective of one of the following: an accountant advising senior management within a mining organisation interested in returns for their shareholders, or an accountant in the public service advising a senior public servant/minister wanting to raise revenue for other spending initiatives, or Assignment 2 – RR1.2 RR2 is an individual assessment that takes the theme focus for this semester described in your RR1 report and turns it into an article for possible publication. Requirements for Final RR2 You are required to expand your first report (RR1) that addressed the one theory, concept, standard or issue using one perspective, on the MRRT into a possible publishable article. You should use the content structure provided in the next section below but in an article format. Your best guide is to use a structure from articles you have read and used for your reports. The core part of your report should be similar to RR1 with an introduction, body and conclusion. You may find some guidance from the following web sites from the many that are available online View Less >>
An amount of fee charged by government on any product, income earned, or activity is called tax. If tax is levy directly on a personal or any corporate income is known which it known is a direct tax. Tax is levy on price of good and service, this is called an indirect tax. The biggest purpose of taxation is to earn finance for government expenditure. The most chief uses of taxes are to finance public goods and services, such as lighting keeping the road and parks and street cleaning. In view of the fact that public goods and services do not let a non-payer to be disqualified, or allow elimination by consumer,  a market cannot be without  the good or services, and so they need to be provided by the government or through government agency, which be likely to finance themselves largely through taxes. Get solution

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