This assignment is reflective journal and the topic is sustainability. You are required to reflecton the materials relating to sustainability. You may choose to reflect on one or more of the themes or ideas that made a significant impact on you, or with which you could identify. In this assessment task, you must demonstrate your understanding of the chosen themes, and that you have considered the implications of these at a personal level and in termos of how you may approach business and your career in the future. Critical thinking should also be demonstrated in these reflections, that is, you must provide evidence that you have thought independently about the topic rather than simply taken on the views of others. Note:While a Reflective Journal will mainly comprise of your own thoughts and reflections written in ‘your own words’, Federation University Australia rules relating to referencing, citation and acknowledgement must be complied with for any content drawn from other sources. View Less >>
Introduction In this week I have learned about the concept of Sustainability and the importance of sustainability in the modern world. Thus, in here I would try to explore the meaning and the definition of sustainability and at the same time, would also ensure that I express things in a proper manner, such as the way I would cater for the sustainable environment and the way businesses that are here in the country cater for a sustainable environment would be explained in a proper manner in the reflection paper here. Get solution

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