1. This assessment involves researching a leader of your choice, and writing a case study on this leader. This will include their background, experiences, influences and leadership types that you consider important and noteworthy. You are also required to present your research to the class in an informative manner. View Less >>
During my school days, leader to me meant the school Principal. I have always seen him taking all the decisions on the basis of beliefs and values that he has always preached. Once my teacher caught my principal’s nephew because of not attending a class and reported to the principal. He did not ponder over it but took the standard step of informing the parents and deducting 5% marks in the annual assessments. This instance made my trust on his leadership stronger as I also think that values should back all the actions and decisions that are taken. I could relate this act of leader when I studied about value-based leadership. Integrity & strong values are vital traits of good leaders and this was demonstrated well by the principal. I believe that if one practices the values that they believe in, they demonstrate the character of a true leader. Get solution

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