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Introduction to thesis writing assignments

Thesis writing is a pre-requisite for the award of post graduate degree such as M.D. or Ph.D., it I an extended argument.  For student to pass a thesis it must demonstrate logical, structure, and defensible reasoning based on credible and verifiable evidence presented in such a way that it makes an original contribution to knowledge, as a judge by experts in the field. Among the many types of scholarly production, thesis are an oddity: each one is different, and there are no standard or generic construction.

Most of those who supervise thesis have written just 1 and despite the effort they take to produce, the only people who carefully read a given thesis are project supervisors, the examiners, and an otherwise rather select audience of specialized academics.

Thesis writing Assignments by

Thesis writing Assignments by


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Need for thesis writing assignments and projects

Academic requirement for thesis writing

Dissertation is part of the curriculum and a mandatory, requirement for the award of postgraduate or doctoral degree. A thesis project is mandatory requirement for assessment based promotion in any academic institutes

Learning research methodology

Thesis helps undergraduates and post graduate students to learn the art of doing research and understanding the research methodology. It also helps postgraduates to familiarize the statistical concepts

Critical appraisal of data for thesis writing

Thesis help postgraduates to develop the art of collecting recording and critically analyzing the data instead of blindly accepting the results published in the literature. This translate to improved patient outcome


The outcomes of thesis, dissertation and projects can published as a research paper in scientific journals publication helps to disseminate the finding of your research to other investigators to guide future research, provide reliable scientific information

Thesis grant research career

The thesis can be presented in national and international conferences which will bring recognition to young researcher and may attract the potential funding agencies for providing research grant for continuing the research work.

Types of thesis that are common for writing assignments

An honors thesis

This type of thesis is typically produced within a year alongside the demands of coursework.

For the most part, they are assessed within the students’ department. Therefore, that the readership is well known and thus writing can be tailored to fit the audience.

Minor thesis writing

This type of thesis has a length limit of ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 words. It is completed within one or two years alongside the demands of coursework, and usually requires one or two semesters of full time effort. Much like those at the honors level, minor these are assessed within the department by set of internal criteria.

Masters by research writing

This kind of thesis has 30,000 to 40,000 words. It is much more substantial than those that are written by coursework students as is the result of full time research over one to two years. This thesis is examined by experts in the field outside the department. It is considered of high quality and can be extended, it can be converted into doctoral thesis,

A doctor of philosophy

Its earned by the successful completion of Ph.D. thesis and PhD students, the world limit of a thesis is 100,000 words; most students write approximately 80,000 words it is produce after three years of full time study. It is examined by two experts who have themselves supervised doctoral work and likely to be from international institutions.

Steps for thesis writing assignment.

  1. Choose a suitable research area a select supervisor- The first step is choosing appropriate research area. The research topic should be thirst area of particular specialty in which the students doing his/her master degree and should be relevant to the existing knowledge gab… Selecting the supervisor is of vital importance since the conduct and completion relies much from guide.
  2. Asses for availability of facilities, infrastructure and resources- the research work planned should always be assessed with respect to available infrastructure and faculty to meet required resources. Conducting a research work for which the existing infrastructure is inadequate will lead to delay in completing the thesis.
  3. Prepare the objectives and write the protocol– once the potential research thirst areas id identified and available resources are ensured, the actual thesis writing begins with defining the objectives. The objective should be specific, measurable, achievable and attainable
  4. Approval of the institute review board/ethics committee-obtaining ethics committee approval is mandatory before starting the research. Necessary modification should be made as per the suggestion given by ethics committee.
  5. Conduct a research as per the study design-observational and interventional study should be carried out according to the study design chosen. This should be done according to details specified on the protocol
  6. Collecting and storing the data, statistical analysis-the data collection is the most vital part as the outcome of the study depends on effective and proper data collection, storage of collected data  till the completion of sampling of data
  7. Structuring the material and writing the thesis-writing up of a research finding for thesis purpose is different from the standard journal publication format with respect to style, content, data presentation, formatting and submission.
  8. Editing the thesis content-editing the thesis content makes it easier for the reviewer and the target audience to understand the conceptualization better.
  9. Checking for plagiarism and closure– detection of plagiarism may lead to rejection of the research work, penalty and black listing in publication network.

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