On October 26, 2006, Nike created a position of vice president, global e-commerce, who report directly to the company’s president and CEO. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
There are numerous organizations as well as projects which have their own internet websites. E-commerce contributes significantly to the countries’ economies and inflicts itself on the institutions as well as the projects. E-commerce has demonstrated a tremendous growth and dependability in the 21st century and is one of the major means of growth of business. In the current year’s second quarter, United States’ e-commerce retail sales come to about $60.2 billion. This is a rise of 3.6% from the year’s opening quarter. The sales through e-commerce i this quarter contributes to almost 5.3% of overall sales. (Thomas, Davie, & Weidenhamer, 2013 E-commerce has significance since it is directed towards achieving various benefits for the organizations, consumers, traders as well as the owners of the business. E-commerce as a setup permits sale and purchase of information, goods, or services online. (Maknoon, 2011)    Nike specifically created a position of Vice President, global e-commerce, who was expected to report directly to CEO of the company. This shows that this domain required such an attention that a VP was important to look after the e-commerce practices and ensure its effectiveness. Get solution

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