Select one type of the research methods (qualitative, quantitative,new product/technology)- Select one of the existing research articles which applied the selected research method- If the article was not one of the focused reading article in the assignment 1, a focused reading needs to be conducted for it; otherwise, it needs to be improved according to the review of the first assignment.- The focused reading of the article shall be included here, with answers to the following questions o What did the authors do (key contributions) o Why did the authors conduct the research (existing problems) o What are the key differences in the method/approach (innovation) o What are main achievements, significance o What can be further improved o Research problem identified (to be reflected in the proposed research) Conduct a literature review on whether other research has applied chatbots to address thesame problem. Provide a summary overview on what related works have been done andwhat has not been done. The related work shall be included in the reference and citedhere, according to a selected citation/reference style. View Less >>
The project report focuses on the usage of smart phones for business purpose. Smartphone helps the employees, students and businessmen to do the work in free time. Productivity has been found to increase by using smart phones for business purpose. Accessing of information is easy with the help of smart phones. It helps a lot for business because, with the help of smart phone, employees can always be connected with each other. Smart phones help the businessmen to work according to their own time. Smart phones also help in marketing of the business by providing information about the services as well as products. It helps to connect the customer with the business that is why sales are increasing. Marketing with the help of smart phones helps in the development of business. Using smart phones for both businessman as well as customers are satisfied because both are getting benefit at the same time. Get solution

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