1. The townspeople were completely against in their approach to thinking with regard to Richard Cory who is found to be searching for same ground with the people but it was misunderstood completely in wrong way by the people. The differences were raised between Cory and townspeople were found to be broader and they treated Cory with royalty. This really made Cory to feel discomfort and this difference in townspeople toward him made Cory to be separated and this made Cory to put bullet into his head. The main reason for existence of difference is due to wealth of Cory which led to get separated him from others and however Cory was more interested to stay along with townspeople which was not appreciated by townspeople with politeness and failed to understand the Cory attitude toward people. This made Cory to commit suicide himself which is a sad decision because of false reputation assumed by townspeople based on writings from the poem. 2.Based on writings from the poem it clearly indicates that there is lack of proper understanding between townspeople and Richard Cory. Though Richard Cory is rich person believed that money is not important than establishing relationships with human beings. This shows his love and kind towards people of townspeople. But on other side townspeople were completely misunderstood the Richard Cory’s relationship with them. This is mainly due to townspeople believing rich people are not much interested in establishing relationship like other normal people and they had a different opinion about Cory and thought relationships are always temporary between rich and normal people. Richard Cory was really interested to join and become one among the townspeople but as much as he believed in them townspeople were not enough to believe in him and maintained distance with him and treated him with royalty and not like with normal people. This hurt Richard Cory who likes to live a simple life and to be part of townspeople and every time he tried the distance became larger and this made to lose his belief among townspeople and also felt disheartened about the royalty treatment received from townspeople which he didn’t want to get from the people. Thus it slowly weakened strengths of Cory and made to commit suicide. View Less >>
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