The purpose of this journal is to: • demonstrate coherent written case analysis of integrative negotiation and distributive bargaining • demonstrate reflection and analysis of negotiation experiences, highlighting self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator • analyse areas for behavioural & cognitive change to enable future learning. Part 1- Your task is to analyse your negotiation experiences from private, professional or negotiation class events. You should write about yourself, and you may write about the behaviour of other people. You should format this as a case study analysis and use sub headings. You are required to: • write a coherent case study analysis of one or two negotiations you have experienced • apply the concepts, theory, strategies and processes of distributive bargaining and integrative negotiation to the analysis • analyse the planning, process, implementation and outcomes of the negotiation/s • write a reflection on your personal development of negotiation skills, the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches taken and synthesize what you have learned for future negotiations • apply relevant literature to the analysis and demonstrate understanding of the required readings from weeks 1-3 • Reference original author of theory APA 6th edition. View Less >>
Integrative Negotiation and Distributive Bargaining Purpose of the study The purpose of the study is to understand and enhance theoretical as well practical knowledge in Integrative Negotiation and Distributive Bargaining. It also could help me to figure out the solutions to supply a reasonable performance in integrative negotiation. The organizational context always shows a long time process to reach at a reasonable answer. Still the strategic theories and methods always helpful for me to keep a good hand in the matter. Get solution

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