This report should be designed as a management document that can be used to implement recommended changes. It should include a comprehensive analysis of the current situation using contemporary HRM theories, models and strategies. The report should clearly explain the various options available and analyse the consequences of these. You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature on outsourcingin contemporary HRM field. You are required to support your solutions to the management challenge posed with appropriate theoretical discussion and references. A minimum of fifteen (15) academic journal articles must be referenced in addition to your set text and other academic sources/reputed websites. The references list as well as in-text referencing must be formatted in the prescribed Harvard style. For this assessment task you are required to research the topic on “Outsourcing” and solve the following dilemma: As an HR Consultant you receive this mail from a client seeking your expert advice: “I’m an HR manager for a firm that currently outsources its payroll, and all seems to be going well: staff are paid on time and our supplier seems responsive. However, I am concerned that senior managers want to outsource more of the HR function, including learning and development and recruitment. They want to save money, which is particularly important for us in the current climate, but it feels as if we’re outsourcing too much and I’m worried we might lose control of HR-as well as our jobs-in the long term. Should I resist the outsourcing trend or go with the flow?” (Source: CIPD 2010) In your report you must address the following queries: 1. Explain the concept of outsourcing. Which HR functions are usually outsourced and why? 2. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of HR outsourcing. 3. What is e-HRM? Describe the role of e-HRM in outsourcing the HRM function. 4. What advice would you give the client? Your advice must be informed through theoretical analysis and evaluation of any practical examples that you come across in your research on HR outsourcing. View Less >>
Today, there are several companies, which have adopted outsourcing for several reasons. With several other functions of an organisation, nowadays, the organisations have commenced the outsourcing of the Human Resource functions as well. The various advantages affect the owners, employees and managers in human resource, and consist of cost savings, as well as enabling access to professional that are highly skilled and technology that is highly advanced, which can cooperatively lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.             In this report, the concept of outsourcing has been explained, together with understanding of the HR functions that are mostly outsourced and the rationale behind it. The report also addresses the various advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing HR, while also explaining the concept of e-HRM and its role in outsourcing the HRM function. In addition, an advice would be framed for the client pertaining to the dilemma faced by them. Get solution

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