Choose one topic from the list provided below for your research assignment. The list is made up of contemporary management accounting initiatives or tools which have been invented and practiced in the management accounting field in the last 20 or 30 years. Target costing Benchmarking Activity based costing Total quality management Lean production Requirements: Select one of the above topics and research the following: 1. What the tool/topic is about 2. Literature review about the topic, that is, what the literature, and other authors, are saying about the topic) 3. Evidence of the practice(s) of the tool/topic. 4. Summary of the findings of researches done on your topic Prepare your report in a professional, academic writing, manner/format. Demonstrate what you have researched and learned in a coherent fashion and communicate your ideas clearly. There are no ‘ideal’ or ‘recommended solutions’ to the topic areas you chose. For this assignment you are free to make any assumptions which help you to display your knowledge. Obviously, these assumptions need to have the effective reinforcement of referenced research. For this research essay, gather information from library databases or the Internet about your chosen topic so that you are able to prepare a 2,500 word (approximately) report. Your report should summarise the findings from your research. One copy of this report to be deposited to the drop box of Tui Taulapapa (opposite Room NR 326) by Friday 27th September at 12.00 noon. A submission to Turnitin is to be made by the same time. When completing this report, please ensure that your name and student ID are on the cover page only. Your assignment must be in your own words. You are hereby reminded of the MIT Faculty of Business policies on cheating (in particular plagiarism). I would expect that you are able to reference your materials accurately. You are to use the APA Referencing Style. Submitting your assignment into Turnitin. A tab is available in eMIT under >>Course documents, which will allow you to submit documents into Turnitin without having to sign up separately. When your assignment is completed click on the “View/complete” tab and upload the word document. View Less >>
Total Quality Management is a procedure where a company improves the quality of the products for the satisfaction of the customers; there are regular processes and practices for the same. A philosophy of management to be involved in creation and consumption of the services and goods which are offered by them which also includes the participation of the workforce, suppliers and even customers so as to meet the expectation of the customers. The approach to TQM is an initiative since 1950 and off late in the 1980s it became very popular in the companies and organizations.The culture of total quality management requires certain level of quality in the service or product in all aspects of the operations within the company, it is doing the right work in the right manner as such to avoid and eradicate the defects and wastage from the operations and production. TQM is a comprehensive method which works horizontally in the organization, other siblings or acronyms of TQM are Continuous quality improvement (CQI), Total Quality control (TQC), Quality function deployment (QFD), Statistical Quality control (SQC), Quality in daily work (QIDW) etc. The framework of effective quality measures which helps in increasing profitability and competitiveness of the organisations is TQM. Get solution

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