A number of issues have now been plaguing schools for centuries. School walls are crumbling, a lot of schools still lack basic amenities and hygiene in school and surroundings still has a long way to go. Educators, parents and government institutions are coming up with the finest solutions to curb these problems, and to make the schooling process a delight for all students. However, they somehow always tend to ignore the burning issue of bullying, which is traumatizing a lot of school students all across the globe these days. Fortunately, the rising awareness about bullying in and near the school premises is causing the concerned authorities to finally wake up from their deep slumber, and take some action. Here is how the issue of bullying can be addressed and prevented in order to ensure that all students feel safe inside the school, and do not end up remembering their school days with fear or regret. Develop policies to prevent bullying Every school must develop strict policies in order to ensure that such activities do not take place in the school premises. Relevant posters and notices must be put all across the school building, and those found guilty should be severely punished, and even suspended. Schools should also appoint a student counselor, with whom bullied students can freely share their thoughts and worries, without having to worry about any mishappenings taking place as a result of the sharing of this information. Evaluate the prevention policies Mere implementation of policies is not enough to curb this problem. It is a must to also evaluate whether these policies have been implemented successfully or not, which means whether the policies are showing some effect or are as good as being non-existent. If you feel that the policies are working, what kind of positive changes are you seeing? If not, think about what you can do to make it work. Also think about whether your plans and policies are stringent enough to prevent bullying from happening. Make sure that your policies are severe enough to support the helpless children who are being bullied, and to discipline the bullies. Teach witnesses to raise their voice If only by passers would not simply stare and walk by, the world would become a better place. Unfortunately, their blindness and decision to remain silent actually helps the bullies, and boosts their moral. Schools must come up with innovative programs that empower the bystanders and teach them to raise their voice against any injustice. This will not only help in solving problems of bullying, but will also go a long way in creating responsible citizens of the future. Encourage teachers to do their bit Teachers should play an active role in trying to curb bullies, and should be especially strict with the bullies. Sadly, a lot of teachers do not know about how to deal with these kinds of issues. Workshops should be conducted for teachers to teach them the way to handle bullies, as well as to help the victims. Do not ignore the rising issue of cyber bullying In the recent times, cyber bullying is also becoming a serious issue. Make your students aware of the consequences of cyber bullying, and ensure that no such activity goes on. Again, workshops will go a long way in creating awareness about the same, and helping to fight this problem. This article was written by an assignment expert from MakeMyAssignments, your one stop to getting 24×7 assignment help services and assignment writing services. We assist students of both schools and colleges, and our affordable assignment writing services have been benefitting thousands all across the globe. For more such blogs and discussions on burning issues, visit the blog section of our website.

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