What Is the Impact of Leadership?93 What are your beliefs and understandings about how top leaders influence organizational performance? To learn about your beliefs, please answer whether each item below is Mostly True or Mostly False based on your personal beliefs. NAME Mostly True Mostly False 1. The quality of leadership is the most important influence on the performance of an organization. ________ ________ 2. People in top-level leadership positions have the power to make or break an organization ________ ________ 3. Most activities in an organization have little to do with the decisions or activities of the top leaders. ________ ________ 4. Even in a bad economy, a good leader can prevent a company from doing poorly. ________ ________ 5. A company cannot do well unless it has high-quality leadership at the top. ________ ________ 6. High-quality versus low-quality leadership has a bigger impact on a firm’s performance than does the business environment. ________ ________ 7. Poor organizational performance is often due to factors beyond the control of even the best leaders. ________ ________ 8. Eventually, bad leadership at the top will trigger poor organizational performance ________ ________ 9. Leaders typically should not be held responsible for a firm’s poor performance ________ ________ Interpretation: This scale is about the “romance” of leadership, which is the romantic view that leaders are very responsible for organizational performance as opposed to other factors such as economic conditions. Company performance is difficult to control and is an outcome of complex forces. Attributing too much responsibility to leaders is a simplification shaped more by our own mental construction than by the reality and complexity of organizational performance. Top leaders are not heroes, but they are important as one of several key factors that can shape organizational performance. Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each item 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 marked as Mostly True and each item 3, 7, and 9 marked as Mostly False. A score of 7 or higher suggests a belief in the romance of leadership—that leaders have more control over performance outcomes than is actually the case. If you scored 3 or less, you may underestimate the impact of top leaders—a somewhat skeptical view. A score of 4 to 6 suggests a balanced view of leadership. In class: Sit with a student partner and explain your scores to each other. What are your beliefs about leadership? What is the basis for your beliefs? The instructor can ask for a show of hands concerning the number of high, medium, and low scores on the questionnaire. Discuss the following questions: Do you believe that presidents, top executives, and heads of nonprofit organizations act alone and hence are largely responsible for performance? What is the evidence for this belief? What other forces will affect an organization? What is a realistic view of top leader influence in a large organization? View Less >>
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