For this assessment item, you are required to watch the film ‘WIT’ by Mike Nichols and prepare an analysis based on the questions/instructions outlined later on this page. There is insufficient time to view the entire film in class, so please see the link to the film below for viewing in your own time and/or to refer to as you prepare your analysis. 1. Describe examples of effective and ineffective communication portrayed in the film; 2. Analyze how well these examples reflect quality, safety, and excellence in communication; 3. Use reflection to identify any gaps in your knowledge or skills, and propose a plan for addressing/improving these; 4. Incorporate relevant literature and resources to justify/support observations. View Less >>
Proper and effective communication is essential for developing a therapeutic nurse and patient relationship. This helps to provide safe and ethical nursing care, especially to patients who are suffering from chronic diseases. WIT is a film that was released in 2001 and directed by Mike Nichols. The screenplay of this movie was done by Emma Thompson and Mike Nichols. Get solution

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