Select one specific social issue relating to eithersocial class,genderORracethat has beenprominent in the media within the last 6 months.In an argumentative essay format, explorethe sociologicalsignificance of the issue.years). Also,take note of howrelevantstructural forcesinfluence the social lives of individuals in waysthat are beyond their direct control – and perhaps aboutwhich they are not significantlyaware. Support your answer by making links between the existing sociological research youidentify and the social issue case you select.When discussing your topic, youare advised to focus on an area of study or a sociological case rather than provide a broador generic description. In your arguments, you need to address the significance of the topicthat you have chosen, key concepts related to the topic and cite relevant literature. View Less >>
Implication social media has drastically changed the perspective of teenagers towards achieving success in life. Present essay highlighted on the Effect of Media and Social Media on teenagers both rich and poor. As per changing modern life, social media application is developing at a rapid rate. Get solution

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