Your team is expected to prepare a three page double spaced paper that represents an agreement by all members regarding their roles and responsibilities of one another and other behaviors expected of the high performing team you choose to demonstrate throughout the class. The paper will be termed: “The Design and Organization of Our Team.” It must include a code of conduct created by your team and to be used to guide all of its members. In your preparation of this paper, you will need to review the “Guidelines for Teams” document attached separately and another’s team Guidelines example below. View Less >>
Our Code of Conduct is applies from September 01, 2013 and all the members are required to adhere to the guidelines. These guidelines should be abided by all the members of the group while they are executing tasks in the group. Although, it is strongly advised that all of the team member should apply their judgment skills, these code of conduct guidelines should be kept at the core of any advancement. Eventually, all of us are working for the achievement of a common goal and tasks should be executed through application of our exclusive skills demonstrating personal high performance as a member of the team. Knowledge of every member and their experiences must be put to the best utilization through their specified roles and responsibilities so that best results are accomplished in the direction of the vision. We will put our best efforts as a team and as an individual so that the desired outcome is realized pertaining to all the assignments. Get solution

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