Employability skills being addressed: Working effectively with others Communicating effectively Self-management – work/life balance Assignment Given the strength of the local economy and choice in jobs currently available, thanks in part to the mining boom, a priority for companies is to recruit top graduates and retain existing employees. Your company’s senior management team wants to ensure that it is offering the best possible work/life balance (WLB) initiatives to solve staff turnover issues. As part of the company’s employee welfare program strategic plan, management is reviewing its policy on work/life balance. I have been selected to Education industry the issue by researching various WLB strategies; my strategic is parental leave 1. how strategies could be implemented into the company; how the company will evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies. .you must write 600 words. u can writing 1 introduction for parental leave in work life balance. 2. Benefits and implemented in company and example for parent leave in work life balance. 3. evaluated the effectiveness of the strategies. . 4.Refrences 5-6 with article. U writing ur own words View Less >>
Oriana Bandiera, RaffaellaSadun& Andrea Prat in their article presented a fact that organizations wherein managers have some family connections with the owners of their organizations perform weaker as compared to the organizations owned by nonfamily owners i.e. professionals. This article provides various evidences associated with the fact and their features, and causes. The author has also tried to correlate and differentiate family managers and professional managers in the terms of the time they spend working for their respective organizations. A case study of Indian manufacturing sector is also presented in the article since most of the Indian manufacturing firms have family ownership. The author has noted a substantial variation in the time devoted by managers to their works i.e. professional managers devote 8 percent more hours than family managers. Get solution

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