‘The challenges to labour demand and supply posed by globalisation, and environmental and demographic changes, means that organisations can no longer assume that jobs will remain unchanged for long periods and that Human Resource Planning only needs to focus on internal replacement charts and succession planning. To remain relevant, HRP must focus on scenario planning which takes account of the major external changes facing Australian businesses.’ Discuss. View Less >>
Globalization has made the world unified. Due to the globalization the world economy is connected, so as the labour market. The labour market issue arises due to the globalization. An increase in the globalization of labour market is due to lack of talented worker in the developed countries. Also, developed countries are facing challenges like long term talent due to the retirement of the old workers. Therefore, there is a shortage of labour in most of the industries like manufacturing, communication, financial services, construction etc. Also, developing countries are facing the problems like unemployment, low salaries which increase the globalization in labour market. Get solution

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