The assignment is Announcing a Reduction in Benefits: In years past, your company has had a generous health insurance policy, fully funded by the employer. Employees pay only a $10 copayment for doctor visits and a $6 copayment for prescriptions. However, the cost of health insurance has risen much faster than the company’s other expenses and much faster than the prices your company can charge its customers. Most other companies now expect their employees to contribute part of the cost of their health insurance through payroll deductions, and management has determined that your company must begin doing the same. For a group insurance policy similar to the one employees have received in the past, they will now have to pay $50 per month, and the copayment for doctor visits will rise to $15 per visit. The coverage for prescriptions will vary, with the $6 copayment applying only to generic drugs. For brand-name drugs, employees will have to pay more. Write an e-mail message (submitted via a Word document; do include To, Cc, Bcc, and a Subject line) to the employees of a large advertising agency in a big city. The agency’s billings have fallen 30% in the last six months, and 10% of the staff have already been laid off. As a group, submit one write-up, consisting of three pages. Page 1 – The final write-up. Page 2 – Your references should be cited in APA format. Page 3 – In table format, include what each person submitted to the group individually. List each person alphabetically by last name. You may use Google Docs to organize your group’s work. View Less >>
To Cc Bcc Subject: Reduction in Heath Benefits Scheme The management of The Creative Group cordially appreciate that the employees of this organization are showing great interest and participation in the employee health benefit scheme. In the past few years organization had excellent circumstances and turnover however competitive environment caused reduction of 30% earning in the present year as well as 10% of the employees have been laid Get solution

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