You are to write a report that outlines one technology application currently in use at Tokanui that is designed to increase milk quantity and/or quality in dairy cows. Your report should: 1. Provide a comprehensive description of the technology application, and 2. Link this information to a summary of the underpinning scientific knowledge required to develop this technology. Information in your report should not be limited to the application of the technology at Tokanui if the technology is in use in other situations. • Your report should be written using word processing software and should be a minimum of 1500 words long (3.5 – 4 pages of 12 pt text). You are encouraged to include diagrams and photos where appropriate. • References should be cited in the text using the APA referencing system and you should include a Bibliography at the end of your report. You are to include at least one scientific journal paper in your references. • Your report will be submitted to ‘Turnitin’ to check for similarity to other written material. SCBT502 Introduction to Technology Page 2 of 2 Presentation: (8%) You are to prepare and deliver a short Powerpoint presentation that summarizes the information presented in your report. • You will have 10 minutes for your presentation – 7 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes to answer questions from the audience. • Allow 1 – 1.5 minutes per slide. • Your presentation should include the science underpinning the technology as well as the technology application itself. Marking Schedule: Report: Marks Description of the technology application 8 Linkage of technology to underpinning scientific knowledge 8 Overall arrangement and clarity of the report, including spelling & grammar 4 Referencing and Bibliography, including type of material cited 4 Total 24 Presentation Summary of technology application 4 Summary of underpinning science 4 Clarity of slides 4 Presentation; including audial clarity and timeliness 4 Total 16 Overall total 40 Your mark out of 40 will be adjusted to a grade out of 20% View Less >>
The assignment about an application being used in a dairy farm called Tokanui farm So you are to make an assignment on application being used in this farm. The application is called” rumination collar “that is hang in the neck of beef cattle. In the assignment you should write about the application and it works and how it can improve the milking in dairy farm through its advantages and what it detect and such kind of things There is another name for this application but I am not sure of whether it is correct or not. The name is “collar tag” this may help you to find more resources about the application if the name is correct   This is the link of the dairy farm that we visit 1- Here are some videos that enable you see the farm I visited Get solution

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