In this task you have to apply the Deasign Science Research Methodology (DSRM) to write a research proposal and solve a particular problem based on specific situation. Scenario 1 : Tremendous harm can come from the over-consumption of alchohol. While alcohol cannot be banned in many countries ,there is a need to reduce the harm assosiated with excessive consumption. View Less >>
Android Alcohol Tracker: Technological Innovations and Interventions in Lifestyle Changes Background, Related Work, and Justification Consumption of alcohol in developed as well as developing countries has risen considerably in the last few decades. Binge drinking has become a part of one’s daily lifestyle, and these days even though there is a plethora of information on the ill-effects of consuming alcohol, the product itself is available in plenty and is accessible to most people. While changes in the public health sector and government policies can bring in positive changes, I would like to propose that emerging technologies in bio-medical research can play a key role in taking care of this issue and keeping over-consumption of alcohol in check. Get solution

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