Identifies patient cohort with diagnosis/chronic illness from your practice. Identifies the relationship between the symptoms with the symptom cluster. Identifies one presenting symptom, related to the above diagnosis/chronic illness, relevant to your health care practice. (Do not choose pain as it has been discussed previously).Provides a definition of the chosen symptom (or concept). Provides details of the database searched and key search words used to explore the topic. DETERMINE THE PURPOSE OF ANALYSIS. Present a model case based on a patient from your practice. View Less >>
In the following study, discussion regarding chronic disease and its symptoms are discussed. The chosen chronic disease for this task is Cystic Fibrosis. This is a breathing discomfort situation for the affected patients. The symptom of such disease is breathing shortness. Usage of ACT is done for diagnosis of such disease. Apart from this, a case study of Barbara has been framed, which assisted in understanding the disease in a very profound manner. Keywords: Cystic fibrosis, CFTR gene, ACT, trans-membrane conductance regulator. Symptom management is the practice that the health care practitioner undertakes to provide effective care service monitoring the clinical symptoms. Cystic fibrosis is chronic genetic disease causing persistent lung infection limiting the ability to breadth over time. Get solution

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