Submit one clinical reflection assignment which will include two parts: a short follow-up discussion of growth and development and a critical reflection of your pediatric nursing practice. (maximum 1 ½ page on each topic). This discussion should include relevant theory and evidence of application of the theory to your nursing practice. Due following shift #3. Please note a maximum of 3 pages for the clinical reflection.  The date for submission will be provided Clinical Reflection Guidelines  May have 2 pages – be succinct!  APA referencing Format What? So What? Now What?  Revisit biases & assumptions, rethink the scenario in relation to nursing practice. (The ‘Big Picture’).  What did you learn?  Are there alternative interpretations?  How adequate were the resources presented?  After personal reflection, do you see, hear and feel and understand the situation differently? If so how? You may reflect upon one of the examples below.  Did you have an opportunity for teaching families/clients during your clinical experience? If yes – what did you teach, evaluate if it was successful, and suggest improvements  How did you function as an advocate for your clients, or their families this week?  What new skills did you acquire? (Keep a running list of things you have accomplished)  Provide overall feedback on how you are progressing Clinical Reflection – Growth and Development  Is your client’s development appropriate for age? Use one developmental theory to frame your discussion (Erikson’s, Piaget, etc.)  Denver Developmental Screening Tool – any others??  If delayed:  What is the current developmental stage of the child.  How does this compare with other children the same age?  What are appropriate interventions to take when working with this child? In summary, your Critical Reflection Assignment should look like this: Description: brief description of the incident/situation, by which you were directly involved or observed. ½ – 1 page (approx.) I was doing a blood pressure on a 3 yrs old boy. I was able to put the cuff on but the boy did not allow me to complete it. His mom told me that no doctor was able to put the cuff on but I tried. He has pneumonia and we have to monitor his vital signs every four hours. He has been in the hospital for 3 days. Very friendly and cooperative but would never allow someone to put blood pressure cuff on his ar Analysis: Looking at the situation from 5 perspectives (empirical, esthetic, ethics, personal, sociopolitical). Note, some perspectives may be much more in depth, some not applicable (please acknowledge this in some way). Use theory to validate your statements. This allows you to explore best practice literature and research. 2 – 3 pages (approx.) Summary: What are your next steps? What did you learn from this reflection? What will you change in your practice? ½ -1 page (approx.) I should have distracted the boy more in other to complete i References: will be required, APA formatting is expected for academic integrity View Less >>
The assignment focuses on the experience of the nursing practice as how the nurse could overcome the difficulties that came on the way thereby emerging out of it in a brilliant manner. Apart from the critical incident witnessed by the nurse in the health care sector the assignment also focuses on the analysis that was made by the nurse in respect to the incident that accounts Get solution

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