Students are required to focus the discussion on the care priorities identifiable in the provided case scenario. Five priorities of care will be identified from the scenario. The student is required to choose two of the identified priorities of care from the provided list. The discussion of care will be based on the processes identified in the Levett-Jones Clinical Reasoning Framework. Evidence of how the dignity of the patient is maintained through the care planning and provision process is a part of this assessment. In addition, the cultural background of the client needs to be considered. View Less >>
As the number of older adults has grown so has the assemblage of geriatric nursing learning, enhancing the consideration provided to the older adults; particularly those with useful decline, intense disease or damage, unending sickness, and geriatric disorders. Ways to deal with consideration don’t yet efficiently coordinate systems that developed proceeded with development in more established adulthood (Ardell 1989). Concentrating on issues and shortfalls alone constrains the investigation of individual qualities, along these lines aggravating the danger for weakness to reduced wellbeing and prosperity.   Get solution

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