You will be acting as a team of consultants to a fictional global professional services firm with expertise in accounting, auditing and tax advisory. In all aspects, the firm is comparable to KPMG. Your task is to produce a report to advise the organisation’s Australian unit (a business comparable to KPMG Australia) on what should be done to effectively manage employees.In the report you need to:1.Briefly describe the fictional firm.2.Identify and analyse four key issues concerning the management of its employees.3.Provide recommendations. View Less >>
Fictional companies are often those companies who cannot use the name of any real companies for its operations. This is because the copyrights that the real companies have. However the fictional companies have a name and logo that make it to looks like a real company. These companies also earn profits and their entire history shows that they also earn profits. There are various issues that the management faces in dealing with their employees. Mostly the management faces communication issues with their employees. They are lacking the communication skills that are required by the management to explain the targets of the organization and taking feedbacks from them. Sometime the conflict can take place among employees and management may face problem in solving those conflicts. Apart from this, managements also lack the motivational skills and thus they face problem in motivating their employees. Get solution

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