You are about to start a new company that will enter the international microcomputer business. As the executive team, you will provide the seed capital (investment money) to start up your business. You can use this money to build a factory, open sales offices, and design brands. You will invest 1,000,000 in each of the first four quarters. Your executive team has the next 2 years (eight quarters or decision periods) to get the company off the ground. Within this time frame, you should become a self-sufficient firm, earning substantial profits from your operations. Your goal is to be the best competitor in the marketplace. You will have the capability of introducing a new line of microcomputers into 20 international markets. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
The overall business strategy that would be used is the Integrated Cost Leadership-Differentiation Strategy. This would help the company to adapt speedily to the market and also discover novel technologies, as well as the advantages of both approaches; Cost Leadership Strategy and Differentiation Strategy would be enjoyed. The business would concentrate on employing a penetration strategy for developing a business of volume amid customers that have lower requirements of technology. The overall goals and objectives at the initial stage are to achieve a large market share through competitive lower price, and to offer product that have higher value for the customers than the products of competitors. Get solution

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