For many businesses, growth is only achievable by taking risks. Whether this means entering new markets, creating new products and services, increasing tourism attractions, or investing in infrastructure, all options present some degree of uncertainty. The aim of this project is to develop a strategic marketing plan for NewZealand as a tourism destination. Fully understanding the tourism product offerings by New Zealand is crucial inorder to market it successfully. Understanding the dynamics of the target market and its key trends is also important to reduce risk and maximize revenue and market share. You are required to choose any NZ tourism product(s) and market it(them) internationally. To succeed in this assignment, conduct thorough market analyses through extensive literature review. Once you gather the required information, develop a robust marketing plan for the chosen New Zealand tourism product(s). View Less >>
New Zealand is known for its differently rich culture and has been known as a paradise for adventurers around the globe. It has, in fact, served the notoriety for all the adventuring, climbing and touring and adrenaline-rushing activities. With the country’s natural beauty is like highlighting a great scenery, the new challenge talks about New Zealand’s warm and inviting society, welcoming adventurers and tourists in to share this unprecedented piece of the world. New strategies and research methods are the key focus to actualize in the area of promoting adventures to make New Zealand as a country of beautiful landscapes and an adventurous nation of the entire world. The travel industry of the country has built up a procedure to focus on the superior adventuring travel division. Get solution

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